Privacy Policy

Information We Can Gather

We can gather certain types of information, such as:

  • Contact information, like your name, address, email, telephone number, and account information.
  • Demographic information, like your sex, date of birth, marital status, military status, nationality, household composition, professional, education, and employment.
  • Financial information, like credit card number, bank account number, payment history, etc.
  • Internet activity, like data about which browsers and devices you use to gain access to our website, emails, and advertisements and how you interact with our website.
  • Location information. When you use our website and services ATVOWNERSMANUAL can gather data on your exact location.
  • Audio, electronic, and visual data, as in your interactions with ATVOWNERSMANUAL; photos, videos, and other information provided to us by you.

How Information is Gathered

ATVOWNERSMANUAL uses several methods to gather your data, such as, when given to us by you voluntarily, when automatically gathered, and when gotten from third parties.

Volunteered data. ATVOWNERSMANUAL collects the data you give us voluntarily on our website, such as login info and communications. Any information you enter into the site is available to be used.

Automatically gathered data. These are the cases when we gather data automatically.

  • Devices. ATVOWNERSMANUAL can gather information from the devices and web browsers you use to open our website. Additionally, ATVOWNERSMANUAL can gather data on how you use our website.
  • Cookies. Cookies and alike tools are bits of data which are saved on your device. Cookies let ATVOWNERSMANUAL gather data like the browser used, bounce rate, and how long the user was active on the website.

It is up to you whether you want to accept or reject cookies. Cookies are instantly accepted on most web browsers, but you can change your preferences to reject them in your browser settings.

How We Can Use This Information

ATVOWNERSMANUAL can use this information in the following ways:
  • Payment processing
  • Interacting with you
  • Solving legal disputes

ATVOWNERSMANUAL can use your data for our other areas of our business, according to the law, how the data was gathered, or with your approval.

ATVOWNERSMANUAL can make your data anonymous and repurpose it for any necessity. Being thus changed, the data will not be able to be used to identify you.

ATVOWNERSMANUAL reserves the right to interact with you regarding these uses in a variety of methods, including email and telephone.

How This Information Can Be Shared

Here are the ways ATVOWNERSMANUAL can share gathered information.

  • Third parties. We can share gathered information with third parties whom we work with.
  • Legal reasons. We can share gathered information with others for legal reasons.
  • Business. We can share gathered information with others in the case of certain business phenomena, such as a reorganization.
  • With your agreement. We can share your information with others if you agree to let us do so.

Third-Party Sites

Our website has links to other websites, apps, plugins, and services that are not controlled by us. If you are interested in finding out exactly what information is gathered by such websites, you will have to read their privacy policies.

Information Security

ATVOWNERSMANUAL does everything in our power to protect your personal information from being exploited by threat actors. However, since no data storage system can be said to be 100% safe, we can’t assure the complete safety of your collected data.

Saving the Data

ATVOWNERSMANUAL reserves the right to keep information about you for as long as it takes to achieve the goals stated in this policy.