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Company Description

Yamaha was founded in 1955 and has a long history of manufacturing motor vehicles.

Yamaha is one of the most popular motorcycle brands worldwide, you’ll find their motorcycles all over the globe.

Yamaha is a company with high integrity and high ideals. They are proud of what they do and strive to be better. With clearly defined mission, goals, and guidelines, they stand out among competitors.

In this article, we’ll take you on a short tour of Yamaha’s history, introduce you to some of their leading models and the technology that makes them possible, and let you know where to find an owner’s manual for your Yamaha ATV or SSV.


Much more than just a motorcycle company, Yamaha also makes motorized vehicles for the water, such as boats and jet-skis, and is a major producer of parts for all kinds of vehicles.

Founded in 1955 in Japan by Genichi Kawakami, Yamaha first started making motorcycles before expanding to other motorized vehicles. With a long history of top-performing products, Yamaha’s very first motorcycle, the YA-1, won the 3rd Mount Fuji Ascent Race.

With a huge product line including motorcycles, ATVs, SxS, snowmobiles, and much more, it’s no wonder why such a prolific company with such high standards has found success in the motorized vehicle market.

Development and Technology

As one of the top motor vehicle manufacturers, Yamaha invests a lot of time and money into research and development. Their ATV and UTV models are a testament to the newest motorized technology on the market.

Yamaha’s newest model of ATV, the 2020 Grizzly, has an innovative GPS system installed. The Yamaha Adventure Pro location system uses a Magellan GPS and tracking to make sure you get where you’re going anywhere in the world. Combining GPS tech with social media capacity, this system offers users an interface that is both easy to use and reliable. What’s more, it comes with already downloaded maps and locations for ATV trails and maintenance points.

ATV vs. Side by Side

Yamaha has several models of both utility ATVs and sport ATVs. Depending on what you’re looking for, there is a wide variety to choose from. The Grizzly EPS is currently one of their most popular utility models. Built for outdoor adventures, it allows you to cross rugged trails with confidence.

The Raptor 700R SE is an outstanding sport ATV, combining performance, handling, and comfort in an eye-catching style.

Yamaha has recreational, utility, and sport side-by-sides (SSVs or SxS). From the recreational Wolverine X4 SE with a capacity for four people, to the two-seater, pure sport YXZ1000R, Yamaha has SxS for all occasions and activities.


How do I know which Yamaha vehicle is right for me?

With a wide selection of ATVs and SSVs, Yamaha has the vehicle you need for any task. Check out their models and customize your own at their build-your-own page online.

Where can I get an owner’s manual for my ATV/UTV?

You can find an owner’s manual for any Yamaha ATV/UTV online in this library in a convenient PDF format.

Where can I buy parts for my Yamaha vehicle?

Whether online or at your local dealership, Yamaha has the parts you need to modify or repair your vehicle. Using the parts manual find the spare’s number first and visit their online store to browse items or locate the Yamaha dealer nearest you.

Where can I buy a Yamaha ATV/UTV?

You can buy your own Yamaha ATV/UTV at your local dealership. Use their dealer locator online to find the nearest one.