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Company Description

Can-Am is one of America’s top brands for both on-road and off-road vehicles. Offering eye-catching models that are sure to turn heads, Can-Am will get you where you’re going. Not only are Can-Am vehicles great to look at, they’re easy to learn to use as well.


A motorcycle production division of BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), Can-Am began its business developing motocross and enduro bikes in 1971. These bikes, with a revolutionary new engine intake style, went on to win gold in several motorcycle competitions, including the International Six Days Trial.

Can-Am shifted its focus from motorcycles to transportation and aircraft manufacturing in the early 1980s. Can-Am reintroduced its brand in 2006 with a new line of all-terrain vehicles, including the three-wheeled roadster Spyder.

Development and Technology

Can-Am is committed to research and development, using new technologies to improve their product line. Some key features that help to make each Can-Am vehicle unique are:


By far the most advanced off-road differential, Smart-Lok uses four electronically-controlled modes to obtain the best traction in any terrain.

Fox Racing Shocks

Fox Racing Shocks provide the kind of shock absorption off-road vehicles can’t do without. With types specific to each model, patented dual speed compression and rebound adjustments will keep you level even over extreme terrain.

195 Horsepower Rotax RR Engine

One of the best ATV engines on the market, the Rotax RR gives you maximum output with a larger turbocharger and better cooling capacity to keep you in the lead.

For example, the Renegade 1000R models have the most powerful ATV engine out there, able to get you through the roughest terrain.

Tri-mode Intelligent Throttle Control

ITC (intelligent throttle control) is what makes the Rotax engine so responsive and manageable, delivering effortless power off-road.


On-Road Vehicles

Fast Learning Curve. Take control and enjoy the rush from Can-Am’s line of ATVs and UTVs. Much easier to master than a motorcycle, you’ll be racing down the road in no time.

Takes You Far. Designed to press the limits of performance while making you feel safe, Can-Am vehicles will take you farther than you’ve ever been.

Control and Safety. Offering more control than a traditional motorcycle, Can-Am’s three-wheeled on-road vehicles allow you to handle even the most difficult road with ease.

Off-Road Vehicles

Can-Am’s off-road line of vehicles use Smart-Lok technology to deal with anything you might come across off-road. Smart-Lok is an advanced off-road differential system that automatically adjusts to the terrain, allowing you to navigate all types.

Mud. Smart-Lok technology adapts to whatever conditions the vehicle finds itself in. Use the Mud button to deal with sloppy terrain, which will lock the front end when high torque or slippery conditions are observed.

Key inputs monitored: engine torque and wheel speed.

Rock. By pressing the Rock button, special adjustments are activated, allowing the Can-Am to move effortlessly over large obstacles. If high torque is noticed at low speed, Smart-Lock will lock the front end while controlling the throttle until the best conditions for traction are achieved. This gives the driver more control when navigating over rocky terrain.

Key inputs monitored: engine torque, throttle position.

Rough Trails. Engage Trail mode for unpredictable terrain, where conditions could change at a moment’s notice. Using sensors to find and adjust the slipping wheel, Trail mode will give you traction when you need it most by synchronizing the other wheels.

Key inputs monitored: wheel speed and steering angle.

ATV vs. Side by Side

Can-Am offers a wide variety of both ATV (all-terrain) and SSV (side-by-side) vehicles for all occasions. The difference between ATV and SSV really depends on what you plan to use it for.

Of course SSV models can accommodate up to two people, but they also offer more space for transporting materials. If you spend a lot of time outdoors on worksites, in farming, or hunting, you might want to consider an SxS model like the Defender. Reasonably priced with plenty of space, you’ll have what you need to get any job done.

ATVs hold only one passenger, but most also offer plenty of space for transportation. Whether you're hunting, camping, or hauling, Can-Am ATVs provide you the power to get the job done. One of the most popular ATV models is the Outlander. Made for any condition or season, its power and handling are second to none.


Where can I get my ATV or SSV serviced and repaired?

The best place to have your vehicle repaired are Can-Am dealerships. You can use the dealer locator on their website to find the dealer closest to you.

How do I know when it’s time to get my vehicle checked?

As each vehicle is unique, each requires a different checkup time. You can find this information in your vehicle operator’s guide.

Where do I get an owner’s manual for my vehicle?

You can find a PDF version of the operator’s guide on our website. Also, you can buy a hardcopy at your local Can-Am dealership.

Can I purchase ATV or SxS parts and accessories from Can-Am?

You can get Can-Am ATV and SxS parts from your local dealership or the online catalog. You can also check parts manual and buy original part by its number on eBay or another website.

How should I store my ATV or SSV?

Information on how to store your vehicle off-season is located in the Storage part of the operator’s guide.