2012 Yamaha Grizzly 550 Owner`s Manual

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Make: Yamaha

Model: Grizzly 550

Year: 2012

Document Name: Owner`s manual

Type: PDF

Language: English

Pages: 172


  • Model. This generation produced from 2011 to 2012.
  • Engine. Vehicle equipped with 4-stroke liquid-cooled single; sohc 4 valves fuel injection engine which has 558cm3 displacement and 9.3:1 compression ratio.
  • Transmission. Ultramatic V-belt with all-wheel engine braking/H, L, N, R, P gearbox.Final drive is automatic clutch.
  • Suspension. Independent double wishbone; 5-way preload adjustment, 7.1-in travel on the front and independent double wishbone; 5-way preload adjustment, 9.5-in travel at the back.
  • Brakes. The front brakes type: dual hydraulic disc. Rear: dual hydraulic disc.
  • Dimensions. Grizzly 550 has 81.3 in (206.5 cm) length, 46.5 in (118.1 cm) width and 49.2 in (125 cm) wheelbase with 10.8 in (27.4 cm) ground clearance. Total weight is 648 lbs (293.9 kg).
  • Fuel Capacity. Yamaha equipped with gas tank for 5.3 gallons (20.1 liters).
  • Tyres. Recommended models are AT25 x 8-12 for front wheels and AT25 x 10-12 for rear.